Insider Salon Job Interview Tips

What salon owners have to say…

Here are some insider tips from salon owners on how to interview and get hired at a salon.  You will learn tips on getting the interview, preparing for the interview, during the interview, and starting the job. 

Getting an interview at a salon…

  • Check online for active salon listings that describe the positions and benefits
  • Most salons will publish how they prefer stylists to apply (in person, email, etc.)
  • Research the salon. Come with a curiosity about how the salon started
  • Dress your absolute best…present the best version of yourself
  • Ask for the owner or manager by name if possible
  • Bring a printed resume
  • Spell check your resume because that is a reflection of your attention to ‘details’
  • Ask for an interview
  • When calling the salon, treat the front desk staff with respect because that could be the person you end up interviewing with

Before the interview…

  • Call to confirm the interview time the day before the interview
  • Know the names of who you are interviewing with
  • How you dress is part of your resume
  • Bring a printed resume
  • Do not wear perfume or cologne, as many people are scent sensitive
  • Be ready to ask thoughtful questions during the interview

During the interview…

  • Smile! Relax and be yourself
  • Introduce yourself and mention what inspired you to get into the beauty industry
  • Answer all interview questions truthfully with poise and professionalism
  • No gum chewing
  • Speak clearly and use proper grammar
  • Sit up straight
  • Be conscious of nervous habits like biting your nails
  • Be humble, overly confident stylists may not be the first choice because it could impact salon culture (owners want team players that promote a positive culture)
  • Ask for an email address to send a thank you email

After the interview…

  • Next day follow-up…send a thank you email and mention what you liked about the salon and that you are excited about the opportunity
  • An email is a great quick way to follow-up, but really impress the salon with a hand-written thank you note
  • Follow up with a phone call. Once a week is not out of bounds however, don’t call 2-3 times a day every day

When you have the job …

  • Show up on time (find out what on-time means to your employer)
  • Come prepared for your first day with all tools necessary
  • Always dress in a professional manner-find out what your salon’s dress code is
  • Make-up, if you wear it, should be applied tastefully and should always be applied BEFORE you enter your workplace
  • Your hair should be styled BEFORE you enter your workplace
  • Always look for opportunities to pitch in
  • Ask questions
  • LEARN: Show that you are interested in learning and are an active participant in wanting to be the very best you can be
  • Follow through on everything you said you would do during the interview and make sure you are who you say you are. Don’t tell us you can complete a full set of hair extensions in 2 hours if you know it takes you 4 hours.
  • Try and make a commitment to stay out of the backroom for your first 6 months other than to fold towels and eat lunch. There is nothing to learn back there. The successful people stay on the floor or help behind the desk when they have downtime.
  • You will get extra points however for cleaning out the refrigerator once in a while.
  • Most importantly, go to your owner or manager when something feels bad. You are important and we want to help you so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Remember this final tip:
Salons owners want to hire you! They work hard thinking of better ways to recruit stylists because they want a perfect match for their salon culture and they want their clients to be happy, so they are constantly hiring for that next super star. Stay connected with for salon employment opportunities.

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