Tres Benzley

Meet Tres Benzley, he is another industry icon, award-winning hair designer, and creative visionary. This is what he has to say about his journey:

Q: What are some of your biggest accomplishments?

Owning and operating a successful salon business of 14 years, mentoring, and training salon professionals to reach their dreams. Creating and submitting photographic collections for national competitions like NAHA. Working backstage for more than ten years at NYFW and ParisFW. I have loved being on Education Teams with Farouk and Matrix in the ’90s and UNITE Eurotherapy 2008- 2016. I created and launched the online program RECALIBRATEHAIR: The Caliber Consultation in 2018 which I continue to grow, teach, and coach stylists to build their #ForeverClient through delivering and communicating the ultimate consultation.

Q: Who influenced you the most when learning your craft?

The list here would be so long. I have been inspired and influenced by so many hairdressers and business leaders in this industry. First of all, my parents, both accomplished hairdressers in my young life. I always wanted to leave a legacy like Vidal Sassoon as he changed the perception of the industry professional, not just haircutting, but he changed how the consumer views a professional hairstylist. Those rock-star hairdressers of the 1980’s Irvine Rusk and Robert Lobetta who pushed boundaries for me, delivering possible from the impossible. Sharon Blain, Nicholas French, and Michael Haase for teaching me the concept of art as it relates to hair. My most recent mentor, Shaun McGrath of Wiggery for the approach to anything is possible. “If you can think of it, you can create it”.

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from art and fashion. These two things are fluid and evolutionary. One draws from the past in retrospect, sits in the introspective present, and creates the foreshadow of the future. It is the vision of what’s possible.

Q: What would you say to new future professionals entering this industry?

To become successful you will need others, surround yourself with greatness, you cannot get there on your own. Seek a mentor to guide you. To be successful takes work, long days, early mornings and late nights, weekends, and more work. This is your passion. You will have to train and educate yourself continuously along the way, there is always something to learn. This is a lifetime career, so plan for it.

Q: Where did you attend school or train?

I did not train anyplace too fancy. I began the idea of my career sweeping floors in my parent’s salons. I went to Fran Brown Continental College of Beauty in Layton Utah. From there, I attended advanced training with Pivot Point and Vidal Sassoon Academies. I learned advanced techniques from the education teams of Farouk, Rusk, Matrix, and Unite. I have utilized 30 years of industry leaders, shows, and education forums to continually train in this craft. I have always planned ahead and taken one advanced training per year, as a boost to my own fulfillment of professional education.

Q: What was the turning point of your career?

When I learned that clients were not dollar signs and the avenue to paying my bills. I learned that every client that I get to touch and work on is the avenue to creativity and the expression of the art form in which I get paid well to do. Remember we have a license to practice and clients are the path to continual practice. Practice, practice, practice.

Q: What is the best advice you have received?

Perspective is seen from many directions, not just head-on or face first. Look at everything from different views, from all sides. You just might see something you thought you would never see. That is breathtaking.

Q: What is your opinion around online video training?

Online, video training is a wonderful tool. I believe it is a great part of what we can offer to train and assist in tour growth and that of our industry. What it cannot give is the personal, hands-on, gift of interaction with other human beings who offer their expertise and the ability to really share the physicality of the skill-set being offered. Human connection and personal social engagement are vital to the sharing of knowledge. Online education can never replace that which is touch and feel, show, and tell.

Q: In a perfect world, how would you like to see the industry grow?

I hope that we grow out of the Individual Status Achievements and begin to encourage the village to Encourage the inclusion of the groups and teams of people who actually create the beauty industry that we see. I am not me without all of those people, teachers, mentors, and teammates that have been along with me on this ride.

Q: What is the best technique you have learned?

From the First Lady of Hairdressing, Sharon Blain, “You Get What You Set”. For me, this encompasses all the foundational skills we must encourage and train in business, hairdressing, art, and personal growth. It is the plan for the outcome prior to the execution of a skill. The result will be easy and it will endure if you have set the path to it.

Q: What is the secret to your success?

Not really a secret but it’s all down to Hard Work!

Hold On, Breathe, Plan, Execute, Repeat. Nothing is worth having if you are the only one who has it and you keep it for yourself.
“Always give your best. Share all you can. Learn like it’s your first lesson. And, Wonder.”

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