Top 5 Reasons to Use Video When Hiring Hair Stylists

Video is one of the most popular forms of content on the web and it should be added to your salon’s hiring strategy…here are the top 5 reasons why you should use videos to recruit hair stylists:

1) Increase Social Shares

Video is shared 20 times more often than any other content and is one of the highest performing clicks on Google. This means that adding videos to your salon hiring strategy will significantly increase the likelihood of being found in organic search and being shared on social platforms.

Once you have produced a hiring video for your salon, promote your video on all social media platforms and let the sharing begin!

2) Promote Salon Culture

One of the best ways to convey your salon culture is through video. Salon culture is one of the most competitive aspects of hiring so don’t take this lightly; get serious about video hiring.

Consider all the competition trying to attract the same talent that you are trying to attract…a short and thoughtful video can put you ahead of the others and more effectively connect you to the hair stylists that can’t wait to work for you!

The best part is, video can be produced at your own convenience and edited to perfection before you start promoting it. Its almost like a virtual career fair that provides a portal into your salon world…imagine what it must have been like before the internet; video is a tool…use it.

3) Auto-Filter Candidates

Ever get overwhelmed by the number of hair stylists that submitted a resume? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a faster way to filter through? What if hair stylists auto-filtered themselves because you published a video of your salon culture and they decided they may not be a good fit? What if they knew a friend that might be a better fit and they shared the video with them…see how this could work?

4) Publish to Job Boards

If you do not have a career section on your website or it is difficult to add content to your site, then publish your videos on job boards., for example, provides a field to embed your video into your job posting

5) Showcase Your Employees

Engage your employees and showcase them in your video. This will promote a positive and uplifting vibe with existing stylists and help solidify the salon culture for recruiting new talent. Showcasing your employees will engage them on the hiring part of your business and they may be inclined to help by sharing the video on social networks, etc.

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