Mark Hayes

Meet Mark Hayes, he is another industry icon, award-winning hair designer, and creative visionary. This is what he has to say about his journey:

Who influenced you the most when learning your craft?

There are very key stages when I can remember being inspired in my early journey. The first of these was Philip Rogers at my interview by his presence he impressed upon me the standard that was expected at Sassoon.

Next were the creative team, as soon as I realised what they did I knew I wanted to be one of them and set my sights on achieving that goal.

Vidal was the greatest influence on me, once you have spent any amount of time in his company you just wanted to continue the revolution that he started.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I am interested in all of the art forms and these provide my greatest inspiration. Of the mall I would say that photography is my biggest inspiration and in particular the work of German expressionistic photographer Peter Lindbergh.

Where did you attend school?

if you mean formal education that was provided in Romford Essex. Primary education was super interesting, high school was pretty much a waste of time. My education in hair started as an apprentice with Vidal Sassoon and continues to the present day. 

What was the turning point of your career?

Very good question , there’s probably been quite a few . The one that Springs immediately to mind was when I transferred from the London Academy to our salon in the North of England in Manchester. This wasn’t the traditional path to advance ones career but it turned out to be significant in my journey to creative director.

Best advice you have received?

I remember Annie Humphreys, Sassoon’s greatest ever colourist and director of the company walking me up and down South Molton St, reassuring me about the transfer to Manchester. Annie always gives the best advice!

Biggest career challenge you had to overcome?

Matching my ability to my expectations, I’m still not sure I’ve achieved it yet.

Accomplishments you would like to share

Enjoying every single day of my 44 year love affair with hair and Sassoon.

What advice would you give students out of beauty school?

Develop a passion for the craft, a passion for learning and a passion for service.

What advice would you give new students in finding a salon that is perfect for them?

Do your research but don’t overthink it. If it turns out not to be the perfect fit you can still create a learning experience from any situation.

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