Lorna Evans

Meet Lorna Evans, she is another industry icon, award-winning hair designer, and creative visionary. This is what she has to say about her journey:

Q: What are some of your biggest accomplishments?

When I made the decision to become an independent educator and tool developer it was not popular at all, we had to learn such a lot, including, website stores, booking confirmations, room hire, catering, marketing, social media.

We really needed to learn a whole new set of skills. So I would say building and running a successful education business independently has been a massive accomplishment.

Q: Who influenced you the most when learning your craft?

When I was 16 years old and I am now 50, I attended a perming class on a Sunday and I told the educator that what I really loved was styling,

This lady was Ruth Browne and she advised me to go and do an Elegant styling course in Melbourne, This was a huge deal for me to enroll and travel into the city, As I live around an hour train trip away.

As much as we don’t do this kind of work anymore the fundamentals I learned were life-changing and also gave me the desire to compete in competitions in Evening and Bridal styling.

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

So many places give me inspiration, I love to follow the NAHA and the British Hairdressing Awards, I spend loads of time on Pinterest, Haute couture fashion week dates are in my diary, I am so missing them this year. Instagram is amazing too. How lucky are we to have access to the internet!

Q: What would you say to new future professionals entering this industry?

This is not a job, It’s a career that can take you as far as you are willing to take it, Sink your teeth in and dome just sit and watch on YouTube – get your hands in hair and practice practice practice.

It’s an amazing journey that can take you all over the world and connect with so many like-minded people.

Join Facebook groups, follow hairdressers you admire, I have a Facebook group called Lorna Evans The Collective and it is full of the most beautiful stylists from all over the world who are enjoying building skill and making like-minded friends along the way. Connect – Share – Learn

Q: Where did you attend school or train?

I did a 4-year apprenticeship on The Mornington Peninsula in a fabulous salon called Under Wraps and attended trade school 1 day a week, When I finished my apprenticeship I then headed overseas for 12 months and had the privilege of working in Glasgow for The Rainbow Room, I was 21 at the time and happy to say I am still in touch with Linda Stewart one of the amazing directors. Again how good is the internet.

Q: What was the turning point of your career?

I really think my time at The Rainbow Room introduced me to the world of education, hair shows and Expos and of course the importance of how to build a loyal and strong client base.

The best hairdresser is the busiest hairdresser!! It doesn’t matter where you are its what you do consistently that makes the difference.

Q: What is the best advice you have received?

NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!! Follow your dreams they belong to you and only you. “If it is to be it’s up to me”

Q: What is your opinion around online video training?

I have attached a copy of the Cone of learning for you, and as you can see nothing will beat in the classroom, however, I really believe online has a brilliant place for stylists AS LONG as they DO WHAT THEY WATCH AFTER!

Hairdressing is a hands-on skill and you can often watch something and think ok that’s super easy, then get your hands in the hair and realize it’s not soooooo easy after all.

We have 2 online programs and they are both VERY interactive and include the ability to submit work to get assessed to receive certificates.

  • Our Exclusive student-only program is mapped to the Long Hair Styling & Braiding units, Its structured, easy to follow and all on mannequin heads, and is designed to help the teachers and students through this course, it comes with a set of our tools (exciting for students to have) We are currently rolling this out to schools around the world and the feedback has been amazing!!!!
  • Our other online course is called THE COLLECTIVE and It is a library full of tutorials and resources to help stylists upskill and also build a strong business.

Q: In a perfect world, how would you like to see the industry grow?

In a perfect world, we would not be in COVID and our students could enjoy a mix of in the classroom education as well as online education to back it up on a consistent basis.

Q: What is the best technique you have learned?

Oh, that’s a hard one, because I really do love variety, But if I had to choose it would be working out how to create soft modern finger waves.

Q: What is the secret to your success?

Never stop learning and have fun! Keeping on the same path has definitely helped me to grow both my skills and my followers along the way.

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