Seagull is looking to hire an assistant! We offer monthly classes from outside sources as well as one-on-one classes with our very own stylists. We are an LGBTQ+ friendly salon — something that is very important to us. Reach out via email for more information! Don’t forget to include your resume. 🙂

About Seagull Salon

Seagull is an acclaimed boutique hair salon in the West Village of NYC. Seagull was founded in 1971, in the heyday of gay liberation, not a stone’s throw from the Christopher Street piers. Seagull resides across the street from the historic West Village Stonewall Inn and Sheridan Square gay liberation monument. Manhattan Stylist Shaun Cottle and Johanna Fateman, musician and art writer are Seagull’s owners. The two took over and transformed the business in 2006. In 2015 they reimagined the salon, this time as an upstairs oasis, working closely with architect Ben Warwas. Seagull graces its walls with works by highly regarded artists. Paintings, photographs, drawings, and large-scale prints by artists Kathe Burkhart, A.L. Steiner, Alice O’Malley, K8 Hardy, Nicole Eisenman, Nolan Hendrickson, Andrea Geyer, Juliet Jacobson, Colin Self, and Sam McKinniss are on permanent display. Under Johanna and Shaun’s direction, the salon caters to their New York community’s cultural tastes. Seagull clients are artists, writers, fashion editors, musicians, actors, and everything else.