Lash Technician Responsibilities and Duties :

Must be able to engage clients with exemplarily customer service

Appropriately recommend products and services

Outgoing personality, able to work with others, positive attitude

Able to work a flexible schedule

Must be accurate and fast with ability to handle back to back appointments

Proficiency with the following types of eyelash extensions: cluster, strip, individual (one-by-one)

Prior experience is a must

About Makeover Planet

Makeover Planet is focused on providing the best in threading and waxing services at reasonable prices. Many services, besides threading and waxing, are provided too including hair design, eyelash extensions, henna, etc. Please feel free to contact us through the phone number listed to receive any and all information about our salon and/or the services we provide. All in all, we are dedicated to making sure each and every one of our customers receives the utmost care and attention so that when they leave, they not only have a smile on their face, but are satisfied to the greatest extent.