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JazzyStyles is expanding. We are opening a barbershop and expanding our hair salon. All on the same property, different buildings.

Why work at JazzyStyles Salon?? *

Have you ever dreamed of having your very own space, however you can’t afford to open your own salon??? OR even considered renting a space because rent is so high. Well your dreams have come true. We believe you can have reasonable rent, where you can pay your personal bills and take care of your family. Where you can enjoy the fruits of your labor._

*We are offering private rooms with individual stations.(These are not suites but they are individual private spaces where you can put your own little touches to make the space truly yours)

*Give your clients private specialized attention, so each you can interact with each of your clients in your own way.

*Let those creative juices flow.

*Let us worry about operational cost.

*Make appointments ANYTIME to meet the needs of your clientele.

*Storage space for your products and equipment.

*Further you nor your clients will never have to look for parking because we have our very own parking lot.

*Great location across the street from Solano Mall.

*New clientele all the time due to TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE


Fellas we didn’t leave you out. New Barbershop Opening

We at JazzyStyles Recognize Guys need their own space, as well to mingle and interact with one another, that’s why the barbershop will be next door, so you can have manly conversations with your clientele.

*Where men can relax as well.

*Reasonable rent

If you have nodded your head to anything you’ve read give us a call or send email.


* Your own clientele with room to expand.

*Knowledge of the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology regulations.

*Great customer service, while creating positive experiences not Just for your clients, but every client thsy walks through our doors.

*You provide your own products,

*personal equipment for your clientele.

*Towels and Capes

*Your ability to have pride in our salon and barbershop. Which means keeping every inch of the salon and barbershp clean like we all currently do.

*A current California Stateboard of Barbering and Cosmetology Barbering license Cosmetology license Estitician