Position Summary:

The Assistant is responsible for keeping services flowing smoothly for both the guests as well as the technicians. By continuing to help the technicians as needed, whether for foil applications, providing tools or implements to technicians, etc., the Assistant provides overall impressions of the service level and professionalism here at Davis Feliz Salon.

This is a great opportunity to train to be a stylist or colorist by spending time on the floor, practicing techniques, and serving guests all while assisting outstanding technicians in the style and color departments.


  • Provide outstanding guest services by welcoming guests and providing each with robes, necessary equipment, services, and introduction to technicians
  • Engage with guests by providing high quality shampoo services, hair rinses, and assisting technicians with blowouts, styling, color, and treatments.
  • Maintain cleanliness of facility, included but not limited to sanitation practices in place for Covid mitigation, hair removal, cleaning color and treatment bowls and equipment,
  • Helping with overall chores as needed, including but not limited to waste removal, restocking paper goods/bathrooms, cleaning mirrors, and cleaning shampoo sinks.
  • Managing inventory for backbar products, such as treatments, shampoos, styling products, etc.
  • Sorting and folding/hanging the robes and towels.

About Davis Feliz Salon

Davis Feliz Salon is a charming luxury salon in the heart of downtown Greenwich, CT. It was founded in May 2020 by husband and wife team Davis and Meagan Feliz. Davis Feliz has been acclaimed in the hair industry for over 20 years and has dedicated his life to making his guests feel beautiful with his modern and sophisticated style. The salon offers a range of hair services from styling, to color and treatments, and has an impressive team of talent from Manhattan and Greater New York City areas.

In a culture where outer beauty is praised and inner beauty is celebrated, Davis Feliz Salon will offer the unique opportunity to its guests to receive hair care services that will complement outer beauty and reflect their inner beauty and personality to the world. Guests will feel indulged, welcomed, and appreciated throughout the entire salon experience as well as beautiful and radiant even after they leave.

Davis Feliz Salon is a modern and sophisticated environment from the charming exposed brick walls to providing exemplary quality work. Each guest is immensely valued and deserves a distinguished work of art to reveal themselves.